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McGill Biology Hargreaves
McGill Biology Hargreaves & Sunday labs
Anna Hargreaves Kathleen Donhue American Societyof Naturalists Young Investigator Award Symposium Evolution 2017

Anna Hargreaves

(she/her but they is fine too)

Jan 2023: I am looking for co-supervised postdoc for a funded project creating SDMs for arctic birds that incorporate data on thermal physiology and many years of monitoring reproductive success - see bottom of 'join the lab'
page for more details

Graduate students

all McGill student email addresses have the form


Shannon Meadley Dunphy


Neighbour shifts from hosts to competitors across the ranges of hemi-parasitic plants

Antonio Rodriguez-Campbell.png

Antonio Rodriguez-Campbell


What drives global patterns in the strength of species interactions?


Cameron So.JPG

Cameron So


Conservation genomics of at-risk plants


Olivia Rahn Nakiska.jpg

Olivia Rahn


Does habitat availability decline toward species range edges?

(she/they - either is fine)

Jory Griffith.jpeg

Jory Griffith


Predicting the outcomes of competition at different temperatures


Maggie Blondeau.jpg

Maggie Blondeau


Reproduction and biotic interactions toward the northern range edge of an at-risk lupine

Kristin Olson pic.jpeg

Kristin Olson

PhD starting Jan 2023.

Ecology & conservation of Canada's rare, range-edge plants


Lab alumni (sniff. we miss you!)

Ella Martin.jpg

Ella Martin  MSc. 2022

Testing biogeographic theories with syntheses of plant traits

(thesis, published paper)

(now doing PhD at University of Toronto)


Marie Hardouin. BSc Honours thesis 2021.

Identifying hotspots of Canada's at-risk flora and fauna

(thesis, published paper)

look at these sweet pollinator mittens Vida knit!

Vida Javidi BSc Honours thesis 2021.

Experimental manipulations of seed defenses


(now working at Nature Centre)

Cole Larsen MSc. 2020.

Use and production of miniature landscapes to study species distributions

(thesis, publication)

(now working as science teacher in California)

Josh Persi MSc. 2020.

Elevational patterns in seed fates: experimental tests in the Rocky Mountains


(now working at Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

Emma Dawson-Glass.png

Emma Dawson-Glass. BSc Honours thesis 2020.

Does pollen limitation increase toward plant species range edges? (published paper)

(now working at Holden arboretum)

Alexandra Paquette.png

Alexandra Paquette.BSc Honours thesis 2020.

Review: what determines species' high elevation and latitude range limits? (published paper)

(now doing MSc at McGill)

River Ludwick.jpg

Clara Kitt (they/them). BSc 2020.

Chemical seed defenses to deter ant predation: a lab experiment. (thesis)


Pascale Caissy. BSc Honours thesis 2019.

Range position vs conservation status & protection of Canadian plants at risk. (published paper)

(finishing MSc at Laval, now working at DFO)


Victor Cameron. BSc Honours thesis 2019.

Range position vs conservation risk of Canadian mammals. (published paper)

(now doing MSc at U Sherbrooke)

Mikayla photo.jpg

Mikayla Salmon-Beitel. BSc Independent Study 2018.

Small mammal abundance vs. seed predation along elevation gradients in Alberta

(now doing MSW at Universite de Montreal)

Noemie sheppard photo.jpg

Noemie Sheppard. BSc Independent Study 2018.

Elevational changes in seed predators, Alaska to Ecuador..

Sandra Klemet-N'Guessan. BSc Independent Study 2017.

Dispersal evolution during bacterial range expansion.

(now doing PhD at Trent)

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