Anna Hargreaves Kathleen Donhue American Societyof Naturalists Young Investigator Award Symposium Evolution 2017

Anna Hargreaves

Graduate students

Josh Persi


Elevational gradients in seed predation and their effect on the distribution of Rhinanthus minor.

Shannon Meadley Dunphy


Love/hate thy neighbour: neighbour shifts from hosts to competitors across the ranges of hemi-parasitic plants

Cole Larsen


Dispersal evolution across temporally & spatially variable landscapes

Undergraduate Honours thesis students

Emma Dawson-Glass

Honours thesis.

Does pollen limitation increase toward plant species range edges?

Alexandra Paquette

Honours thesis.

Review: what determine's species high elevation and latitude range limits?

River Ludwick

Honours thesis.

Do stronger interactions lead to stronger selection? A seed-predation experiment

all McGill student email addresses have the form

Lab alumni (sniff. we miss you!)

Pascale Caissy. BSc 2019. Range position vs conservation status & protection of Canadian plants at risk.

(now doing MSc at Laval)

Victor Cameron. BSc 2019. Range position vs conservation risk of Canadian mammals

(now doing MSc at U Sherbrooke)

Mikayla Salmon-Beitel. BSc 2018: Small mammal abundance vs. seed predation along elevation gradients in Alberta (also helped coordinate Phase 2 of the BIG experiment)

Noemie Sheppard. BSc 2018: Elevational changes in seed predators, Alaska to Ecuador..

Sandra Klemet-N'Guessan. BSc 2017: Dispersal evolution during bacterial range expansion.

(now doing MSc at Trent)

anna.hargreaves <at> mcgill <dot> ca​​
We live and work on the traditional territory of the Kanien’keha:ka (Mohawk),  a place that has long served as a site of meeting and exchange among nations.
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